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TOLD EMS (This product is no longer available)

Remote Maintenance and Provisioning of Central Office Switch and Circuit Elements

The TOLD EMS application is an advanced Central Office solution which streamlines the management of all locally and remotely connected switch and circuit elements. Using TOLD EMS, Central Office technicians have the ability to maintain and provision all switch and circuit equipment from any TOLD EMS workstation within their workgroup with the click of an icon. Because of the systems remote access capabilities technicians experience a significant reduction in the need for dispatch resulting in enhanced productivity.

Finally, a Central Office tool specifically designed to meet the technician's needs!

  • Windows Server 2003 R2
  • Windows XP Clients (Upgrading to Windows Vista Business Edition 1st quarter 2009)
  • Access all Network Elements from a common desktop
  • Perform remote loop backs and cross connects
  • Backup circuit equipment remotely
  • Provide icon based element management
  • Offices can be networked over IP or private line
  • View and print CD-ROM based documentation
  • Access Datakit WAN based OSS's including LMOS
  • Print backup tape labels
  • Drag and drop commands
  • Search historical switch and circuit data
  • Search major and minor alarms
  • Connect up to 512 local Network Elements per desktop
  • Utilize existing windows desktops as clients
Able to Connect to:
  • 5ESS
  • DMS 100/200
  • EWSD
  • DataKit
  • DSC DACs
  • DDM1000
  • DDM2000 - OC3
  • DDM2000 - OC12
  • FLASH - 192
  • FLM150
  • FLM600
  • FLM2400
  • FT2000 - OC48
  • Fujitsu
  • LiteSpan
  • Lucent DACs II, III, IV
  • Lucent DMX
  • Nortel OC48
  • T3AS
  • Titan 532
  • Titan 532L
  • Titan 5500 DACs
  • TimeHub 5500
  • DISC*S
  • DACS
  • CO Based Voicemail
  • FT Series G
  • Telco Edgelink100
  • Repeaters (HDSL/DDMPlus)
  • Any CO Based Element
  • Able to Run Central Office Applications Including:

    • Admin520
    • CDM
    • CIT7210 (and other versions)
    • CTRM
    • CPRO
    • FLEXR 7.81
    • FLEXR GT
    • LiteCraft Pro
    • OMAPS
    • TeraTerm (with PACLABS Extensions)
    • THC Software
    • Wavestar
    • Any NE Application Software


    Time and Cost Savings
    • Eliminate or delay Technician dispatch
    • Reduce windshield time
    • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)
    • Provide alternate/redundant Network Element access system
    • Relieve the need for multiple craft terminals, reducing equipment cost
    • Provide easy, instantaneous access to multiple floors of Network Elements in a CO
    • Free up space for collocation and other CO equipment
    Convenient and Easy to Use
    • Data logging and search features allow clients to run customized, on-line reports and print out labels when needed
    • Simultaneous sessions allow multiple tasks to be performed easily by one person
    • No need to learn a new interface, displays and terminal emulation are the same
    • Real time viewing of ROP and MAP output
    • Administration functions supported by user-friendly point and click operations
    • Authenticated user logon to the system is required
    • Utilizes private line, T-1 carrier, or secure IP links

    Service, Training and Support

    • Complete installation - includes cabling (optional) and system setup
    • User training
    • System Administrator training
    • 1 year telephone support
    • Pre-installation site survey, on-site


    For more information, send email to