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Guardian - RTKS (This product is no longer available)

System Recovery Software

Guardian RTKS (Return To Known State) offers the fastest available means of recovering a failed system when the cause is associated with critical Operating System (OS) or application software corruptions. Almost every computer user has experienced a “Blue Screen” failure of the Windows Operating System. Microsoft estimates that 87% off all system failures are associated with software corruption rather than hardware failure. Sometimes a simple re-boot of the failed system will cure the problem. If not, the failure could indicate a complex and catastrophic system failure that cannot be easily resolved. If a critical OS file becomes corrupted Windows will not re-boot and the user is left to recover the system using traditional methods, ranging from implementing a pre-determined recovery procedure from whatever backup strategy exists, to a complete reload of the OS and all of the current updates, applications, settings, etc. Depending on the recovery method used, a full day could be required to restore the system. Guardian RTKS is a system recovery tool that periodically and transparently takes snapshots (a bootable image of the system volume) of the current state of the user’s system and application software. Following a system crash, users can immediately fall back to the most recent and uncorrupted snapshot. This dramatically reduces the Mean Time to Recover a failed system, and enables users and IT staff to instantly repair system crashes without the loss of productivity that results from extensive downtime. Guardian RTKS complements the user’s current backup strategies.

Complete Recovery in Milliseconds

After installation of Guardian RTKS, a pre-OS boot screen is invoked with a “Hot Key” prior to its time-out. Inside this user interface is a listing of all pre-recorded snapshots that were taken from within Windows. Selection of the desired boot snapshot is all that it takes to completely recover the system.

Instantly Recover From:
  • Virus Attacks
  • WEB Attacks
  • Registry Corruption
  • File Corruption
  • Faulty Driver Installs
  • Service Pack/Upgrades
  • Unintentional User Errors
  • Intentional User Errors
  • Exceptional Program Functions

    Proprietary Low Level Driver - Our technology enables Guardian RTKS to make a point-in-time identical copy of critical system software within Windows without interfering with the user’s normal work flow.

    Data Anchoring - Guardian RTKS “maps” the user’s selected data files that are resident on the system partition to whatever system snapshot is booted. The user’s current anchored data is then immediately available from the point of failure, not to the last point of backup.

    Freeze – This allows a snapshot to be restored back to the same state every time the system boots, allowing a means for a system to revert to its original deployed or maintained state. Any unwanted files, desktop changes, viruses or spy-ware are removed.

    Simple to Use Interface

    • Create and manage snapshots within Windows
    • Create and edit multiple backup schedules
    • Utilize Wizard-driven functions

    Simple Remote Administration

    • Control and manage other Guardian RTKS systems from a remote location using the systems command line interface
    • Utilize GUI active directory systems including Microsoft SMS
    • Archive snapshots to another partition, disk drive or network location

    Time Savings Benefits

    Software failures occur six times more frequently than hardware failures. When a critical operating system file becomes corrupted, it wreaks havoc on the user and support staff. Productivity stops while the system is being recovered, having a severe negative impact on the bottom line. Guardian RTKS prevents this loss of downtime by enabling the user to:

    • Instantly recover from a corrupted registry or other critical Windows file.
    • Instantly recover from a virus-infected operating system or program application.
    • Instantly renew the system when it gets bogged down by memory leaks, uninstalls, temporary files, etc., with all of your current data intact..
    • Instantly recover from driver or operating system upgrade failures.
    • Install Guardian RTKS without the need to create additional partitions or other modifications to the system.

    Minimum System Requirements

    Operating System

    • Windows 2000 Professional or Server
    • Windows XP Home or Professional
    • Windows 2003 Server


    • Minimum of 128 MB  (256 MB recommended)

    Hard Disk Space

    • 6 MB for application (additional space required for snapshots will vary - additional hard drive space is required for each snapshot)


    • NTFS File System (Not compatible with FAT32, FAT16 or Dynamic Disks)


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