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VCL PrintServer

LAN-Based printing from Datakit or BNS-2000 Applications

Lucent's Datakit II VCS and BNS2000 switching products play mission-critical roles in virtually every public network in the U.S. This workhorse technology addresses a wide variety of local and wide area networking requirements. In many environments, Datakit switches are the only real-time gateway to the data generated by the primary network elements. They are also the most efficient mechanism to provide access to key systems and applications by a large diverse and physically distributed user community.

The PACLABS VCL PrintServer works in conjunction with the VCL Host Server package to re-route jobs from Datakit-based printers to LAN-based alternatives. VCL PrinterServer provides a critical link in the migration of desktop systems to TCP/IP-based network architecture. The user community can be transitioned completely to the LAN, while leaving the printing configuration of their traditional applications essentially unchanged.

Transparent Yet Powerful

The VCL PrintServer presents an interface to applications that exactly resembles a standard Datakit print device. It accepts print files from these applications, then uses its internal logic and standard UNIX tools to forward the job to the appropriate LAN-based printer. The only modification required at the applications level is changing the standard printer's address (dial string) to that of the PrintServer.

The VCL PrintServer leverages the high speed and capacity of the fiber-optic VCL Host interface. As such, the platform is scalable to support a large number of concurrent print tasks. This can be an ideal solution for deployment at the regional datacenter level.

A Smooth Migration Path

VCL Print Server allows for an incremental transition of the user community onto TCP/IP LANs. Large-scale applications, which would be difficult or impossible to modify to use a new printing architecture, can move into the new environment with little or no modification required. Users can gain the convenience of the LAN without having to learn new applications or procedures. The PrintServer is based on a standard, scalable computing platform which makes this flexibility available in a very cost-effective way.

What Can the PACLABS VCL PrintServer Mean for You?
  • Smooth migration to TCP/IP architecture
  • Little or no modifications to existing applications
  • Better return on the Datakit/BNS investment
The PACLABS VCL PrintServer can serve as a key component in upgrading and modernizing mission-critical networks.


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