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VCL Dest (No Longer Available)

The Datakit Terminal Server

Lucent's Datakit II and BNS-2000 VCS switching products play mission-critical roles in virtually every public network in the US. This workhorse technology addresses a broad range of local and wide area networking requirements. In many environments, Datakit and BNS switches are the only real-time gateway to the data generated by the primary network elements. They are also often the most efficient mechanism to provide access to key systems and applications by a large, diverse and physically distributed user community.

The PACLABS VCL Dest (short for "destination") works in conjunction with the VCL Host Server package to make Datakit terminal sessions available to IP LAN-based systems. VCL Dest provides a critical link in the migration of desktop systems to TCP/IP-based network architecture. Users can continue to access key applications in a familiar way, while moving from an asynchronous terminal interface to a PC or workstation.

An Elegant Solution

Users access VCL Dest by using the standard telnet command which is included with every TCP/IP LAN implementation. From that point, they can move through the Datakit switch as if their system were directly attached to a TY12 asynchronous port. No modification to client-side software is required, and thus any computer with the requisite TCP/IP connection can be supported.

VCL Dest works within a PACLABS VCL Security Regime, which provides access to a VCL Host interface across TCP/IP without requiring a login account on the Host's supporting system. LAN access to the VCL Host (and to the secure Datakit network) can thus be tightly controlled without compromising standard UNIX system security features.

A Smooth Migration Path

The high speed and capacity of the fiber-optic VCL Host interface allows VCL Dest to support multiple terminal sessions per application or per user - making possible multi-windowed application front ends that can dramatically improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Perhaps more importantly, VCL Dest allows for an incremental transition of the user community onto TCP/IP LANs. One group of users can migrate, and begin using VCL Dest to access applications, while others remain in the traditional terminal-based environment.

What Can the PACLABS VCL Dest Mean for You?

PACLABS' VCL Dest can serve as a key component in upgrading and modernizing mission-critical networks.

  • Smooth migration to TCP/IP architecture
  • New, more powerful front-ends to applications
  • Fast, flexible access to critical data, applications and resources
  • Better return on the Datakit investment
  • Replace much of the functionality of old, expensive LCS60 systems


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